The Center for Learning & Performance Technologies has published this top 100 list of freeware for educators for a few years now.  It is vital for the educator on a budget!


EdTech Innovators


Ben and Jared are the undisputed kings of technology in the classroom.  Being high school teachers themselves, they have invaluable advice, tutorials, etc. for the science teacher!



AccessExcellence:  The Mystery Spot


Eight mysteries for students to solve based upon various topics within the life sciences.




PhysicsQuest is a middle school competition that consists of four physical science experiments centered on a mystery. The experiments are designed to be done by small groups in a classroom or after school setting. Each of the experiments gives students a clue that they need to solve the mystery. Classes can submit their answers online and be entered into a random drawing for prizes. PhysicsQuest kits are provided free to registered classrooms.






Educational outreach program allowing students access to a scanning electron microscope. 




Week-long interactive modules for all core subject areas.  Visualizations allow for students to run experiments online, collect data and collaborate with each other and their instructor.


Pathfinder Science


Online community of teachers and students using technology to promote and engage in science learning. The web site includes threaded discussion areas, organizing protocols, data submission, retrieval from interactive databases, background information on the research areas and a publication area for students to submit their own research work.


Journey North


One of the best and most successful online science learning communities for K-12 students. This site engages students in a global study of wildlife migration and seasonal change.


Self -guided Instruction                                                                                                              

Design a Roller Coaster


Learn about the physical principles behind daredevil rides such as the roller coaster and the free-fall. This site combines an introduction to the basic physics of the rides with some historical notes on the rides themselves.


Forces of Nature


This site, created to accompany a National Geographic film, offers up explorations of the biggest forces our earth can bring us: tornadoes, earthquakes, volcanoes and hurricanes. Virtual labs let you design your own disaster, and National Geo-quality photos fill in the gaps of your visual imagination.


Howard Hughes Medical Institute:  Virtual Labs


The Virtual Labs Series produced by the Howard Hughes Medical Institute (HHMI) has won top honors for providing self-guided online medical labs. 


Building Big


This self-guided interactive series allows students the opportunities to build various structures with materials of their own choosing.




This simplistic problem solving website provides teachers the ability to explore various physics concepts as they pertain to student-designed Rube Goldberg machines.




Reconstructors is a problem-based adventure game engaging the player in the role of scientist, historian, geographer, and detective. There are several consecutive episodes, each with its own learning objectives. The knowledge gained from each episode will help students make better, more informed, health choices when it comes to the helpful and harmful effects of various drugs.


Virtual Gardening


Whether you’re looking to design a new garden from scratch, or simply want to take a fresh approach to re-designing an existing garden, the virtual garden offers a user-friendly source of inspiration.




This site guides your own frog dissection, with detailed series of pictures and QuickTime Player video clips documenting the procedure and outlining major anatomical features.




You have to try out this site!  Edheads helps students learn through educational games and activities designed to meet state and national standards.


The Science Toy Maker


This non-commercial site features projects that use easily-available, inexpensive materials, and don't require special skills, tools materials or facilities. Activities are thoroughly tested to work, yet also have the potential to be improved by creative inventors and tinkerers.



Data Collection                                                                                                 

Phet Interactive Simulations


Hands down, the best virtual labs on the internet for manipulating variables and collecting data.


Fear of Physics


This site provides the students a wealth of virtual activities with the ability to manipulate several variables.  A few of these activities will provide data collection opportunities.




Virtlab is based on the simulations and guided exercises for students.  Free login is required, along with multiple free software downloads as well.




Higher order chemistry labs that provide outstanding opportunities for collecting data.


AP Environmental Science Virtual Labs AP Environmental Science Virtual Labs


Excellent labs for higher-level students.