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Physical Science Links
Earth Science Links
Life Science Links
Google Resources

All hail Google!!! You’ll find a little of everything here! Cheers…

National Science Foundation

The classroom resources from NSF provides a diverse collection of lessons and web resources for classroom teachers, their students, and students' families.

Teachers Domain

Teachers’ Domain is an online library of more than 1,000 free media resources from the best in public television. These classroom resources, featuring media from NOVA, Frontline, Design Squad, American Experience, and other public broadcasting and content partners are easy to use and correlate to state and national standards.

The Science Spot

The Science Spot has been in operation for over 10 years now and continues to provide quality resources to secondary instructors on the philosophy that “children learn best by doing.” This site goes beyond the traditional science classrooms of the past and provides a dynamic and engaging classroom environment focused on students.

Howard Hughes Medical Institute

The Biointeractive resources from HHMI are invaluable to high school biology educators! Be certain to check out their holiday lectures not only for the lectures themselves, but also the amazing animations and visualizations as well.

Science Pioneers

The mission of Science Pioneers is to create innovative and supportive educational activities that will encourage youth to understand and use science and critical thinking in their careers and everyday life.

Exploratorium’s Ten Cool Sites

The Exploratorium’s “Ten Cool Sites” has been updating its resources for the last 14 years and continues to provide quality websites for science-related topics. This site should be bookmarked for all future science instructors.


SciLinks has been extremely efficient in connecting key textbook subjects to NSTA-approved web pages that enrich student learning. The vast resources that NSTA provides are invaluable to the science educator.

BBC Science and Nature

BBC provides a wealth of high-quality information pertaining to all aspects of science.

Science Net Links

Science NetLinks is provides a wealth of standards-based Internet experiences for students and teachers of science.

Mr Warner's Cool Science

This personal site from an educator in Olathe, KS provides huge amounts of resources that are currently being used in the classroom.