EARTH SCIENCE – Classic Science: Unit Three: Weather (Part 1)


Age Range: All

This is my go-to site for weather as it allows you to search historical and current weather trends AND it has the ability to present the weather in graphical formats.  It is an excellent resource for any weather-related research.


Skoool: Changes of State

Age Range: All

This basic simulation is designed to help you identify how matter can change between a solid, liquid and gas in terms of energy movement.


BrainPop: Matter Changing State

Age Range: All

Yet another free BrainPop video courtesy of McGraw-Hill!


Earthguides: Global Energy Balance

Age Range: All

This resource sets out to answer the question, “What does the sun’s energy do on Earth?”  It reduces the transfer of energy from the sun into a very easy-to-follow narrative for your family.


USGS: Water Science for Schools

Age Range: All

Hands down, this site contains everything you need to study the role of water within our environment.  Click on any of the links within this site and you will be amazed as to the wealth of material you can explore.


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